Located between the Beaufort Mountains and the Strait of Georgia on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is a collection of majestic mountains, rushing rivers, crystal clear lakes, lush forests and incredible natural beaches. This unique geography plus a year round temperate climate, creates an exceptional location for an incredible range of year-round outdoor recreation activities

The Comox Valley truly offers the best of all seasons – you can be knee-deep skiing in some of the best snow on Mount Washington , then within half an hour be standing on a lush green golf course, or sailing through the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Comox Valley is also a thriving centre for arts and culture. There are four major museums, live theatre, an exciting music scene and year round cultural festivals and events are just a few of the attractions the Comox Valley has to offer. Gourmet cuisine, unique shopping experiences, galleries and eclectic coffee and tea shops line the streets of the Comox Valley’s urban centres. The Comox Airport is conveniently located within town limits with major air lines such as Westjet offering daily direct flights from several major cities such as Calgary and Edmonton.

The Comox Valley is made up of the distinctive and charming communities of Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland and the surrounding Regional District rural areas. These communities are all quickly traveled between with many shared public amenities including sports and recreation centres, theatres, galleries, playing fields, parks and schools. Stores such as Walmart, Superstore, Canadian Tire and Costco are just a few of the national chains that have located themselves in the Comox Valley.

Follow the island highway North towards Campbell River and you will be captivated by views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged mainland mountains. Campbell River has long been known as the “Salmon Capital of the World” and more recently as an adventure and eco-tourism hub.

Annually, millions of migrating salmon travel through Discovery Passage on their way to spawn in their birth river. This is also where the deep-swimming resident Chinook of Georgia Strait gather to feed on herring and needlefish. If you’re experienced with the ocean tides you can rent a boat or join any of the many fishing charters operating out of the harbour.

Although Campbell River is well known for its fishing there is no shortage of recreational activities to pursue. Everything from whale watching to hiking on dog friendly trails, scuba diving or mountain biking. Take a stroll on Discovery Pier or dine in many unique restaurant Campbell River has to offer.

Campbell River is home to many retailors such as Canadian Tire, Zellers, London Drugs, Safeway as well as small shops where you will find pieces of local natïve art and unique home and gift ideas.


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